Friday, June 19, 2015


Kumdang-2 will rise
from ginseng grown from
fertilizer mixed with
rare-earth elements!

Yu Sze too will rise
to laugh at the Emperor
and circumcise
the head whose winter gourd
holds no seed

your chem-junk is ill
cries Yu Sze
and your dank cum
by low rabbit-peg
frame window

Friday, May 22, 2015

Crow Citrate Chromie

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Various kinds of pipes and doors [a] [a] part of the network of Clomid [disputes green branches Clomid with the image of a player down the green feather crown [Clomid naked except for crown feathers Operations] and a branch of the sea level Clomid skull poem [A normal dog to catch the ball the ball off], and among them the sea of ​​modern young sea traffic, smooth walls and furniture wars, wall [level TOMA some higher education [and] fence [a funny skull and sea Wall [Apps Photo viewers to link to the old high pressure [ Anarchy and legal culture of a dog of choice of a stack of sheet Language] wall of smoke, and a model port, or the difference between the third level and stoon ] [or asylum] [weapons], the walls] [I under the Wall [] apps Air deposit on a narrow jaw Gumbel] was coming and going and cover flow [Glyph accept sternum floods and socks [p] Clomid [is], and stoon [minutes] and [headless bust, trace] [tour at Mons] smoke [and gukthrossed level pris gumbo fit you Rome gukthrossed upper jaw and naked] and [is] not [to [the poem] funny granules Each page of the package and catch the sea], they [the fire], soft and close the head, shoulders and hands, [rises in sea] balance [I] arms [Clomid Road] does not refer to the voice [The fact that there is no data on the excavation and tapas drum loops Remember, cut the fence [], the sand, there is no evidence that the neck] [] to go to the grid:

Operations, naked plastic tubes and plastic door Clomid green feathered wings [in Clomid [feet of player network Clomid [] [] and part of the skull, just above sea level, in contrast to the green image of different types of reading Clomid. Among other things, students, walls and furniture wars, wall [colleges Tomas [and] the Game [Old Dogs, like a wall, [fun skull and Sea Wall [Image blood pressure [anarchy and packaging] the rule of law programs see a wall of smoke-related , and similar ports or] gun [] shelter [] third and rocks, walls] [[] sternum programs flooding and socks narrow jaw Gumbel] and Cover Flow [[P] Clomid [Type Stone [between] and [Prime] pieces [ Mons]] [praise burning upper jaw gukthrossed gukthrossed Rome] and [is] [[Song] to [Light and soft] every page move a box of rocks and the sea, shoulders and arms [to develop] a balance [I] gun [Clomid] [drum excavation snacks to forget that there is no evidence of manipulation of the fence [] to reduce the sand there, neck] [], the evidence does not have to wait:

Application of image and green plastic green plastic pipeline network, while 克罗米芬克 罗米芬克罗 米芬克罗米 Finland [] [] sea level, in part because of the skull. [Thomas, [and] the body wall, smoke or fishing, shipping, packaging, wall station - good coat dog skull, [], [3] stone walls and rich features Cover Flow, sternum and jaw and narrow flood and socks Gumbel [R - What clomiphene [POWER] rifles and Prime Minister] is [Bergen] [praise know Judas, one of the students of the weight and run a special knowledge, no other person or organization gukthrossed] wall, [] sea, mountain and hand shoulder M.] [], [music] hand:


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

change one el rod

paraclete for spider lamb,
spider hand for wooly palm eye
inti cleft fulgor ratio..

gabbo turns to the puppet book,
its strings to foretell hour po
leaves blown back to reveal
the tender girl stem everconnecting
breath bulled ocean whole,

goals gaoled in gel
for legions of eye gulls,
screens that ken in ripple
and cuss where ruins
mimic the garden
rising in the plain,
its properties rummage on

Friday, May 1, 2015

The Actual Information Conveyed by the Parable of the Biblical Eden.

nothing man makes is sacred. only nature without man, without explicit conception could ever be mistaken for the divine, ie innocence.. the divine is not infinite knowledge, but the exact opposite if it is anything. and if anything, man is a divine horror, a cautionary tale at best, a fierce aspect of the divine, for the scale of its evil retains a form of innocence, ie man is an absolute impotence, AND a pure absurdity, whose lack of purpose in the void is everywhere writ into her floundering and nonsensical history which serves only as a kaleidoscopic gift wrap for a rock, and the same goes for every species of human semiosis. this is the reality, the rest is sophist illusion and a language econony of the copulatic IS of cultural entrainment, dogs barking in the night.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Hot Bully Nights in Guam Pitbull Dog Show

at the origin is the bullhead keyboard
flanged at the end of our smoke
after a show of its own
which is similar to the purveyor
of a long elastic collar
to form the Tang
a foreign wine
lodged in an old-timer
which has been posted
to the headband amoeba table

there is no tube near the glans
but neither is there an open flash plate
sync'ing directly from the keyboard
captured in different languages
reflecting in turn
the reorganization of the table or desk
which broke out of the sink installation
and combined with the perception
that moving across and upward around
the suns pensioners became
a total poetry hijacker screwed through a void that
that plate spread around the calls of children

so connect the other end the desperado
now hot in the vast majority
of ompoista gun ship-building
combined with the symmetrical properties
of the device covered by boo de évier totémique garland
this cyclopean bow at the waist
with a ribbed collar bull ring fortress
which is set to bribe the carboy
which destroys the vision of the union
in the warm enema

the shift reflects the tabulator before this wallaby friend
and the camera crowned customer language tumbrel forces
which like slush on the platter
will not smother sir or tulip old cavalry firewood the driver
himself  a tube of prophetic horde camera turkeys
a book that was founded in taste but later went astray
when burgers seemed like gentle keyboards with bull's head
with a mowist vision of alienated mustard bacon
and which are missing quite a different vision
of that something carboy that flared charitable elongated hand
which is actually another proof that one unit of thick bull was the tabloid
now long with a small chuckle blued confession

lose a couple of fingers on the tournament keyboard
and some snapshots of tong blue gobo and intellectuals
which see the bluff as a method to guide their subjects
filling up their foreside hip groin garum degradation
of performance summary demijohns stuck on the side
of the two seams which appear to be stuck

I so openly understood their contents
which remained trapped in an informal way
in the urine superflex because of their footmarks
sucking the smooth horn or what is known as
sam tumble  or sabah or izzis
or that which never occurs in a primitive bellhop
reaching below the tabulator carboy from left to right
to find the red edakke which is the same as the word
for snapshots depicting seemingly randomly perhaps
the boxers which the author leaves
within the whole totemic highbrow chuckling growl tabloid flash
stuck in the house bills who
after the sun shines on its bellhop tube head case
bans her straight to turn over a small dinner carboy tub
stuck in a line as you can see

and t itself is a composite sync
really just guiding the external keyboard
that landed on his head
but the sight of this one-day chuckling
about the upward curving to place
of a piece of that top-of-contact for a small carboy
might as well take on the role
which the acute coronary projector broke
into supermarkets with the kalng gobo keyboard design
or oboe etc

stopping the sealed descendants of the 1972 riots
growl in the ground
supporting the purpose of the abducting
which seems prophetic now that we are
stuck in this gobber bluff resort
which can be defined as the lord
which is stuck in some weird mainplates group
(wine, oil, garum)

how minibus is an enemy
which happens to be painting the totemic tall table
with toothpaste
the bathtub in the closet
the sight of the other cyclopean crowns of tensegrity
which landed at the mouth of the bull
in the io enema keyboard
it seems appropriate to shout across the sprawling betrayals
stylized as bullfrog-spit
a complex symmetricality which means that aleph a
is a tumbrel guided peanuts blunder
which landed on display but is stuck on
how the child is leaning on a totemic stallion spectacle orality

this unclear penpusher
slings out a backlash of slang like a fag
so that streaks of whatever they are
remain monitoring the gobo kalng descended
from "never had a bit while balling his band"
calls for the installation
the view of the blue guardian compliclicate with same
with getting stuck in this false reflection of smoking

that's a pretty small penis
but it seems to have indiscriminate effects
on the carboy which smells the parody of the keyboard plate
over the top of the pipe and pushes the penis
which is stuck in his sidestep neck projector
which landed in the summary of the gobo inspectors kalng

please ring whichever or whatever
is connected to the groin
There is a reflection of their forces
in the guardian's walking in a seemingly randomly
glued curriculum
its supervisors run the risks he ran
in tuts its mayal coven

consensus has but two sharp spear bone ring tensegrity cone idiocies
which remain stuck in a worship which landed on top of a gangster
towards touch which seemingly screens the carbohydrates
of the bull kalng boiler which landed directly on supermarket curiosity
which may have landed in rooms whose smell reminds that prehensile nose
of the configured
the coven enemy brutal submission superflex child groin tabloid bribery stericks installation and the pieces are the intangible pension synchronization daba neat
which form the end of the ban the carboy elongated which
similar as it is
is not the consciousness accompanying book
which is a libation amoeba ribbon to judge the thankless
blunder quartet of fires which are looking to manufacture
this "stuck in the slot pee day phallic object upstream region around performance boat aunt" which seems stuck in the rock
0 hairy tong
painted in 1972
is a board-bending
reaching under the agitation of the conference
or into a handful of similar madalayitu flaring
and placed around his head projector
which is turning sophisticated in the navy college
which seems prophetic the way the lower end of the bull
will reduce the carboy with tong whip bonus smoking

the carboy now is a soft pedal
a vague fuzzy celebration of the fact
that there is not weak self-guided aunt inhibitor
or a huge single seemingly "totemic stallion destiny"
or shoulder flange smoldering shotguns
which operate by suction
but only heckler plates
chuckling back to the law of Y
to which W corresponds
its IO stuck offer guidance supervisors
becoming the curriculum lapis guardian moviegoer
Samuel Kalng
a highbrow Sabah
a y in the wake of the carboy on the hunt for a dress
that is one of the spenders of discussing operation
Contact Blue Lapis
which is a descendant of the ship and which joined the concierge izzis
under the unclear sharp Sutu
its weak driver is an ancient landmark again
the W curve is stuck in a priestly unknown wine okay garum
in none other than in 1972
when a descendant of exchange
the walker turning blue or sophisticated color cult Stuck its stuck
in a seemingly dead end of culture
a sense of position which seems to be the kidnapper cartoon
red de évier totémique devilish red casement colored nipple
to another parish which would be a descendant of the horn
which is installed in the abdomen complementary color
of his feet stuck in the crystal  which is now down
to the whole summer syntax seeing how prophetic Zelena Paqadu
will walk to see as intellectuals the chuckling keyboard
and every toothpaste which landed as a role in the bath play a backlash
from table larches which contact phallic giltanu rapadu eating and singing

All kalng gobo tang called to sight
was a cigarette something more sophisticated than to turn
brigs and will will be collected at the end of guest's stay
in Poetry
which is also a strange bull
which shares descended songs
sings gurusu mayal a rebellion bonsai
which sings that gobo Tong is a carboy

now this is not the enemy flared
for several architectural prehensile noses
with streaks and sharp arrowhead smudges
became the blue lapis guardian
between the volume of the heated length
of the lever which is stuck in the snapshots
not openly connected to the breast minotaur
which never demijohns color as a pirate
but as a milestone in the horn of all
prehensile threaded speech moving
through the material so as to land
at a charity tensegrity which can change
it seems to become a totemic Sir or surmadame
similar to that displayed as a huge ass carboy
probably perpendicular to the GrapsteTo conference
which is the thread that the child may be affected by
it is the Naga gurusu smothering the turmoil
of the cyclopean landmark

Monday, November 17, 2014


could it be
that a man is holding up a duck in prayer
in the moulin rouge?

or that his adam's apple
is a crystal ball?

the glutton arrives!
the glutton arrives!

Si il a est tourne dans son chapeau haut de forme
avec une seringue remplie d'émeraude,
ne pas avoir peur des fantômes
dépeint dans sa cape de l'origami!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Bob Dylan Cooking Inside the Kiva

bright dewdalinalinalinafunkenobkrakenhousingalongenongenengengongongabgefrungkenthonkinthatkenutkenukinnewkewliarsunkthemuffinartherinfeatherinuffithuffifufuffifluffenuppithuppidutherioxaaluftenmatchuffinheimattzook and shadow oval heavy porcelain lipped window sagging to the floor

rolling cymbals down the stairs again
and slicing open its jelly head
for a booklet

utah hideout decor
dozing high up in the kiva oven on a plank
should she really be wearing pants
covered in shriveled peyote buttons

ocean rabbit republicrats
will heavy smokestack all pants rabbits
coal buddha snow
acid king black acid remember them?
horse umbrella hats form hard stops
word ravioli saddlebags tied with bright 

dewdalinalinalinafunukinnewkewliarsunkthemuffinartherinfeatherinuffithuffifufuffifluffenuppithuppidutherioxaaluftennkenobkrakenhousingalongenongenengengongongabgefrungkenthonkinthatkenutkematchuffinheimattzook and shadow oval heavy porcelain lipped window sagging to the floor